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how to create a web login

Question asked by barenose on Mar 5, 2015
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Hey everyone,


I haven't done this in awhile, so I'd like some suggestions. I'm running FileMaker Server 13 on an Apple OS X server. There will be web-only users logging in through a browser. I have created a "view only" permission set that will allow users to login and see their own information, i.e. a calendar for the week. The logins work, however, I keep running into "access denied" errors.


So, I have a few questions:


1. Do I have to open all layouts up to the view only permission set?

2. If so, how much must I open it up? I want them to look at their calendar and be able to print it.

3. Do I have to open up access to tables that are related to the calendar, i.e. the ones that create the events shown in the calendar, as well?

4. Do I create a web login page using the URL given in the FileMaker Server, i.e. http://domain name IP_address/filemaker_login/ ?


Thanks in advance for your help!