Demo: Using an Icon Font to create interactive FileMaker Menus

Discussion created by jgalt on Mar 5, 2015
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Here is a demo video and demo file that show how to use an Icon Font to create interactive FileMaker Menus without having to monkey around with graphic files and containers. The solution is fast, light weight and easy to modify.



What I really like about this solution is that you can create graphic menus that are dynamically displayed in portals while still maintaining all of the FileMaker rollover options. When you use graphic files in portals you lose these nice rollover effects.


Another big advantage is that you can resize the Font Icons without have to worry about resolution issues. (This is really great for retina displays.) You can also change the color of your icons and the color of the rollover effects without have to recreate all of your graphics from scratch.


This method requires you to install a custom font to display the icons. In my demo I am using a popular FREE web development font called Font Awesome. You can learn more about Font Awesome here.


For the project that I am currently working on I needed several custom icons so I created my graphics in Adobe Illustrator and then used this free website called Fontastic to create my own custom icon font. What's cool about this site is that you can mix and match icons from free icon fonts that they have on their site (or you can mix them with your own icons) and then create a single font that contains all of the icons that you need.


In my demo video I am also using a utility called Popchar. This allows you to select the icons from a visual list, which makes it much easier to see the icons. (This utility is available for both Mac and Windows.)


The custom icon fonts will also work with FileMaker Go but you will need to install this Free App called iFont.


What we really need is the ability to embed fonts into our solution, just like you can with a modern website. (Imagine how awesome that would be.) Please send a feature request to FileMaker right now!