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    Server Open Databases


      Can FM Pro users open more than one database from FM Server?  Users tell me that they can only open one at a time.  Thank you.

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          Yes, you can open multiple files from any filemaker server at the same time using FMP.


          They might be referring to only having one active window at a time, but if they look under the "window" menu, they should see all open files.


          Are they getting an error? have them take a screenshot.

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            That works.  people want to have one database open on one screen and another on another screen.  Can't seem to figure that out.  Can minimize and open another on the same screen now. 

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              Are you on windows? FMP on windows is limited to opening windows inside of the main application window, so you can’t really extend it on other screens. On Mac this is possible.

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                Yep.  Windows.  Thank you Mike.

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                  Since the server can host only 125 databases... the most you could simultaneously open would be 125 at the same time.  But I can't imagine you wanting to do that.  FileMaker before version 7 required a separate database for each table.  I've used lots of databases that have 125 tables or more.  But since version 7, you generally have an entire solution with all tables in a single file (yeah yeah... data separation model and such excepted).  Your question might be more about how many windows you can have open.  For any given database you can have several windows open.  I'm not sure what the limit is, but I've had an awful lot open and never had a problem.  I've had several hundred windows open in a runaway script and it wasn't the number of windows that killed the process.  But I'm sure the number of windows is an OS limitation based on memory and your video card. 


                  But back to the question... when you open one database, it is not opening the others.  Go to FILE < OPEN REMOTE and click on the server and make sure all the files are being listed.  If you set your security to not show files that they are not authenticated for, they may not be seeing all of them.  Also, you can hide database from the list view, but that would only happen if you intentionally did that. 

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                    You can drag the the FMP window (width) across both screens.  I know its probably what your looking for but it sort of works.