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Import from A to B on IOS device

Question asked by disabled_jackrodgers on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by mikebeargie

I decided to try importing from one file into another stored locally on an iPad Mini. No connection to remote file.


The import worked well once or twice and then it crashed with a damaged file as the result.


I created the import script in FileMaker Pro with both files in the same folder. Then copied both to the iPad using iTunes. TOs will retain their relationships when files are moved in pairs.


Is this the typical result of importing with both files on the Go device?


I see in the Help file that Go is only partialy supported and this statement:

FileMaker Go only supports importing from one FileMaker Pro file to another FileMaker Pro file.


So, I assume that means on importing using a hosted file using FileMaker Pro as the host for both? That I get to work OK.


If Go will attempt the import using both files on the Go device but then crash because it isn't meant to, then FileMaker needs to do a little work to prevent this import attempt using GO.