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Popover issue in filemaker go

Question asked by thomas_staehli on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by lodgestreet



I noticed an issue that seems occurs only on filemaker go. I have a simple layout in list view with a header and a body. On the header, I have a popover button that contains some global fields with either popup menus or dropdown lists.


When clicking in one of those fields, the interface changes slightly color and shows up the drop-down list / pop up list / calendar.



If I now press somewhere else on the popover (next to the field or on a button), it seems to go right through it and clicks on whatever is behind the popover and seems to lose focus of the popover but the dropdown list values still appear


Even worse, as I have a trigger that launches when I close the popover, the popover appears again, but without having focus. As my body is a popover, it opens that popover at the same time.



I made a few tests and I found out the following:

- on filemaker pro client 13 that issue doesn't occur at all. if you click on the popover while the dropdown / popup is open, it just closes it.

- Exactly the same issue occurs when putting the popover button in the footer.

- A popover in the body part does behave as it should


Has anybody experienced something like this? Is there a way to make the popover work properly in the header?


Thanks in advance, I'm really stuck here