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Export single record from FM Go to FM Server w/unique filename

Question asked by wfgclapp on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2015 by wfgclapp

Couple of weirdo things going on here, i.e. obviously things I don't understand. I've read lots of posts on exporting records but I've not been able to crack this. I hope maybe someone out there can recognize something I'm doing wrong.


I want to a user on Filemaker Go 13 to export the contents of a single record to a file on FM 13 Server. And I want to use a field or two in the exported record to generate the file's name.


I don't really care about the file format I guess, but tab or custom delimiter would be best.


Here's as far as I've gotten:

1. I can get a file on the server but...

      a. The file contains multiple records. In fact it contains all records created in that table 'today'. But none others.

      b. I am using Set Variable for the filename: "filewin:"&Get ( DocumentsPath ) & Order Edits::Sequence & "fmchange.txt"

            i. Notice I'm using a field as part of the name. But this does not work. No file will be created. But...if I remove the field from the filename and use Set Variable as: "filewin:"&Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "fmchange.txt"     then a file named 'fmchange.txt' is successfully created.

           ii. Wonder why using a fieldname doesn't work?


Below is my script and the two subscripts that script calls.


Does anyone see anything glaring I'm doing wrong? Thanks much for any help!