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Script: Go to next portal row switching portals?

Question asked by openspace on Mar 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by tinhx7

I have two portals on one layout, portal1 and portal2. I have a script that is looping through the portal records of portal2 that uses an if statement to set a flag. Using the script debugger I noticed that the loop never exits, instead when it gets to "go to portal row next, exit after last" it jumps to the first portal row inside of portal1 and starts looping though the wrong portal. How can I get this rogue loop to stay put?


quick ex of my script:


freeze window

go to object portal2

go to portal row first


if (flag=1)

set field

end if

go to portal row next, exit after last

end loop


I should also note: I do not have any triggers with the portal row nor the portal. i'm running fm13.


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