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    FM GO - Edit host - iPad


      I am using FM GO - 13.0.8 on the latest iOS.


      I have 5 hosts setup and wanted to edit one of them. When I select Hosts it shows Add Host the below there is a spinning gear Looking for Hosts. The existing hosts don't display.


      btw: I have FM Go 11.0.1 - and you can select a host and there is a button at the bottom to edit.



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          Stephen Huston

          There are multiple panels at the startup screen of FM Go. The one for recent Hosts will show those you have recently used. The other Hosts button looks for available actively-hosting machines. Is it possible your intended Hosts aren't currently available?

          I don't believe FM Go has a "Favorites" list you can save like Pro has for Hosts.

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            Recent shows recent files and the hosts that have been added. It offers no option to edit a host. Only remove. The Host panel has a button to add hosts and tries to search for hosts but doesn't list hosts that have been added. Why remove the ability to edit a host? Also, if you specify a name for the host you can't see the IP address displayed with the name which was a convenient feature. You have to select the host and select Enter Filename to see the IP address.


            In FM GO 11, which I still have installed but don't use. There is an option to search for hosts, see favorite hosts and edit them. It also displayed IP address along with the name.


            I guess it was a design decision in or maybe I just haven't found it yet?



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              Markus Schneider

              ON FileMaker Desktop, the hosts panel (favorites) shows hosts that are not available - at the moment or no longer. If one selects a file from a no longer available host, things can become frustrating.. and with FMGo, we're on a mobile device, every couple of hours in another environment, maybe several hotspots on the same location


              THerefore, I'm not unhappy with the new method. FMGo checks for hosts everytime the panel is opened and we got the actual list of hosts. But in this context, the 'recent' is misleading, at least when it's the default panel when taping 'home'


              BEst would be, if there wuld be a flag, showing host available or not - AND the ability to define a favorite host without being online

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                Stephen Huston

                I think Markus hit the point of the change. Since you can edit the list of "recent" hosts by removing obsolete ones, and you can add to it by selecting from the available hosts and connecting, there's really no need for an Edit option where someone could try to point to an unavailable host.


                I'm sure FMI figured this would be an "ease-of-use" improvement for consumer-level users, without regard for developers who like to test and try stuff.

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                  Not sure I agree.

                  When you add a host, the host you add doesn't have to be available from the current internet connection. Even if it is when I select Hosts FM GO doesn't find any hosts. The gear just keeps spinning even though I have 3 "added" Hosts that I can log launch file from.


                  Back to editing...Lets say the clients IP address changes. All I'm saying is it would be nice to be able to edit the host, but you can't, it has to be deleted and reentered.


                  Another confusing aspect of this interface is Recent vs Device. If I delete a file from Recent it doesn't delete it from the device. It would be nice if there was a prompt "Delete from Device...".

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                    Markus Schneider

                    YEs, the interface is confusing - further on, it shows first the recent items. I often taped on a 'recent file' that was no longer available. On the desktop machines, I can set the recent items to zero - but not so on the iPad


                    One can define a host even when no internet connection is available - but that host-entry will be lost..