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Object-oriented programming on filemaker

Question asked by paolozam on Mar 10, 2015
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Hello to all!

I have some problems about applying an object-oriented programming for a software already developping.

This software is managed by a big number of table (tab_b1, tab_b2, ..) ; each table is linked to a specific functions (1, 2, ..). In all these tables a lot of fields (but not everyone) have the same value for all the software functions relative to a definited record group. This is because these fields have been setted during a previous step in another table (tab_a). 

Nevertheless, when I create a new function (3) with its specific table I have to redefine these common fields, too. This is because every time I have to change the relations between the table of our new function (tab_b3) and tab_a.

Besides, I have to replicate this hard work for all the scripts and layout relative to the new function 3. So my question is the next: is there a method to define these ‘common’ fields an only time for all my functions, continuing to manage the specific tables for the ‘uncommon’ fields ?

More generally and for my personal curiosity, in your opinion filemaker is a friend language of the “object-oriented” programming? More or less than other kind of language (sample: Java, ..) ?

Bye Paolo Zammitti