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Webdirect dropdown-list missing "Edit..", how to edit?

Question asked by CarlSchwarz on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by CarlSchwarz

I'm looking for a simple way to "Edit.." a dropdown list.  I've only now just learned that webdirect doesn't have the "Edit.." option.

I've never looked before, is there a way to script it?


The options I'm thinking that are available to me are:

1) Hope that one of you can explain a simple way out such as a script step that will go straight to that value list.

2) Create an extra table and have the value list only show related records and provide a UI to edit the lists (there are so many lists in this solution that I don't really want to take the time)



Am I stuck doing it the hard way on #2?  It will add a few hours development time.