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How to deploy a FMGo file to first time users?

Question asked by Julio Toledo on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Julio Toledo

I have a FMGo file I wish to make available for general distribution (deploy to the general public) and want to make sure new FMFGo users:

  1. are pointed to the iTunes link to download FMGo if the app is not already installed on their device
  2. download my file onto their iOS device; and finally
  3. auto-launch (open) my file on their iOS device.

On the desktop, the best way to accomplish this is with a downloadable Runtime Solution, which is not an option on iOS.

The FileMaker Go App Maker  for iOS doesn't quite cut it, because it assumes the file is either hosted or already installed on your device along with FMGo.

Is there any way to make the deployment process in iOS as seamless as possible for the general public? less