Running two instances of Pro Advanced on OS X

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Mar 11, 2015
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I was working on a system today and wanted to test the setup for a specific group of users while being logged in as a full access developer.  In short I wanted to run two instances of FileMaker Pro advanced at the same time on one MacBook Pro.  I remembered seeing something about this a while back but couldn't find it here.   So after a quick internet search I was able to find a way of doing this and thought others might find this helpful.   In the past,  I would fire up Parallels and run Pro advanced on a virtual windows system.  I had to use a second license for this.


A big plus with this method is that I'm running two instances of the same copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced on the same computer, so my development server see's it as one use of the license and doesn't kick me out.


To do this do the following:

Open  You will find this in Applications/Utilities

enter the command

               open -n -a /Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 13\ Advanced/FileMaker\ Pro\


That's it.  The source for this came from:

How to open multiple instances of an application in OS X - CNET