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I am experiencing some issues related to an OBDC connection which writes on a FileMaker table. The arrangement I have is a Detection table with following fields:


    • id = auto-enter, unique, Get ( UUID )
    • id_Line
    • id_Job = auto-enter calculation replaces existing value: Let ( ~trigger = id_Line; Detection_Line_JOB_active::id)
    • creationTimeStamp = auto-enter


The physical production line has a sensor that counts product passing through. When sensor detects a product, the script (external to FM) creates a record in the Detection table (OBDC client). Afterwards the same script sets the Detection::id:Line. We have several lines, each one having its own detector. Each line has a PC were we run the script that creates the record. Each script has hardcoded the id of its line.


Records are well created, id_Line is correctly stablished, creationTimeStamp too, but... the id_Job field gets nothing...It seems like if were no data in the id_Line, since is unable to resolve the calculation which would populate the id_Job field.


In fact I have not coded the external script that populates records in the FM table. Some other guys did it, but I feel that there is something missing in this script. Could be anything related to how the records is committed?


Am I missing something that prevents form getting data on the id_Job field?