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    Hour of Code


      Any folks teaching FileMaker for the Hour of Code ?

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          I have considered using it. But not specifically for the Hour of Code. I have been keen on starting an small programming school for a while.


          More students need to be exposed. I was forced to learn BASIC for one hour a day in elementary school on some wonderful Apple II machines that we got in the mid 80s. The instructor was one of the cafeteria workers that had to try to learn what computers were all about at the same time we did. It was cool and new and that base of knowledge served me well all through other languages.

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            Apple is an Hour of Code Partner and I know that the Apple Stores use FileMaker internally to manage a number of things. Some Apple stores offer small training courses for FileMaker from time to time.

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              yea big Tom,

              Feel you on sharing the knowledge and exposing it. I'm self thought and been developing for 15 years  supporting my family and minus the student loans.  once I get certified I definitely want to give back.  My close friend just opened up a STEM academy  (science technology engineering math) in the inner city with disadvantage students and they are so eager to learn.  I feel like filemaker can be the gateway drug to other languages.....