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When you install OS-X from Scratch, don't name the primary user "FM Server"

Question asked by bhagara on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by wimdecorte

Has anyone heard of this?  Have you seen it in the documentation?  Last night, we started over with an older Mac Mini and installed Yosemite from scratch.  (new download and all)


When beginning to install the FM Server (Developer's version 13.0.v5) the server installer tries to create a user call "FM Server".  If the User already exists... the installer freaks out more than a little and will *not* let the process continue.


The solution appears to be... start over and don't name the Owner of the computer FM Server.


anyone out there already knew that?


The purpose of this missive is to confirm that this is a thing.... and if it's true, to let everyone know.