Disappearing Find Requests

Discussion created by sprosser on Mar 12, 2015
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I've had the usual missing keyboard shortcuts in FileMaker since I upgraded to Yosemite a couple of months back, but until the past couple of days, I thought the bugs were frustrating and made me inefficient, but that they were harmless. Over the past two days, I have a new symptom that raise my alarm bells and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen similar behavior.


This started because a client reported odd behavior on a previously stable script. I went to check it out and found the that the Perform Find [Restore] script step had seemingly lost its criteria. When I clicked the step, the Specify Find Requests dialog box showed no criteria. So I clicked New to recreate it, but then two identical criteria appeared -- the original and the new one. It turns out that I don't even have to create a new request to get the disappearing criteria to reappear. If I just click New and then cancel, it shows back up. But only until I close the dialog box. When I go back, the criteria is missing again. This doesn't happen to me when I open the file from a non-Yosemite machine. Nor does it happen to other people using Yosemite and FMPA who view the same script step.


Over the past two days, I've tried reinstalling an older version of FMPA, hoping that it was introduced by the v5 upgrade. I reinstalled four times until I'm down to v1, but it hasn't fixed the problem. And although FMPA 12 was working fine two days ago, now both v12 AND v13 on my desktop show this behavior, although my laptop versions do not.


I no longer trust my desktop computer, which has caused my productivity to plummet since I can only work on my laptop. I'm really hoping somebody has heard of this and has a fix.