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    Dymo Label Layout


      I am having a hard time getting a layout properly configured to print a Dymo address label 30252 to print to my Dymo (LabelWriter DUO) printer.  It is just shooting blanks.  Can you provide detailed guidance, or even a sample file with a layout I could copy?  Thank you!

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          Hi Sarah,


          I don't have direct experience with Dymo label printing, but below is how I would approach the problem on principle. Please let me know whether this helps.








          My understanding is that the label itself is 1.125" x 3.5".


          But from FileMaker Pro's point of view, it appears on a "page" -- which we could define as the perforated backing for a single label.


          What are the dimensions of that "page", and what are the margins on each side of the label?


          Take all these measurements for Landscape orientation, since that's the orientation you'll use for printing the label.



          Then, in FileMaker Pro:


          A) Set up the page for printing


          1. Choose the File menu > Page Setup...


          2. Create a custom Paper Size for the dimensions of your "page".


          3. Choose Landscape orientation.



          B) Create the layout


          1. Enter Layout mode and create a new layout.


          2. Remove the Header part and Footer part so that you only have a Body part.


          3. Set the height of the Body part to 1.125".


          4. Set the width of the Body part to 3.5"  (by moving the right-hand margin that defines the visible portion of the layout).


          5. Choose the Layout menu > Layout Setup...  

          A "Layout Setup" dialog window appears.


          6. Choose the "Printing" tab.


          7. Select "Use fixed page margins" and set the margins to those you measured earlier.


          8. Click OK to dismiss the dialog window.


          9. Still in Layout mode, add whatever fields and text you wish to the layout.



          C) Test print a label


          1. Enter Browse mode.


          2. Choose File > Print...


          A "Print" dialog window appears.


          3. Choose Print: Current record


          4. Click the Print button -- dismissing the "Print" dialog and printing the current record.

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            Hi Sarah,


            It's also possible that you might be having a printer driver problem. On Mac, the recommendation is to use the Mac OS X Dymo printer driver rather than the one supplied by Dymo. I'm not sure whether there might be a similar situation on Windows, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure you have the appropriate driver for your Windows OS.

            Labels and printers are so specific -- my own process has been get all the measurements right "theoretically" and then make little adjustments until I get them to work. I'm hoping that my first response helps you move forward on this.


            Cheers --



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              Hello Mark,

              Thank you for your detailed help.  I was surprised the process was so detailed when I thought that the "New Layout > Labels" would work with simply specifying the custom measurements.  It obviously didn't work with me though.  I haven't tried your directions yet... adding the Dymo label printing feature may have to wait until my next solution upgrade.


              FYI: I received an invitation to the "New Users Group" by e-mail this past week and was told I could receive special support through it up to one year after my contract purchase. (?!?)  I wondered about whether I should post my question for the community at large... do you still think I should?  Can I convert this posting to have a wider audience?


              Thank you again.

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                Hi Sarah,


                Regarding your questions about the group:


                Last week we launched the FileMaker Customer Success Program, which includes the Quick Start Training (intended to get people started building their first solution) and the New User Group (where people building their first solution can ask questions and receive advice).


                If these labels are part of your first FileMaker solution, then this is the right place to be asking questions. If not, then the larger FileMaker Community makes more sense. If you'd like me to move this discussion, I'd be happy to do that.


                Regarding the label issue:


                In my previous response, I assumed that you had already tried using New Layout>Printer>Vertical Labels, and it sounds like you have. If you want to try that approach again, here's my advice:

                The important thing to know is that the your labels are laid out according to the current "Page Setup" settings, which is typically a standard-sized sheet of paper -- not the case for you.


                1) Before creating the layout, use Page Setup as I described before to create a custom page size the same size as a single label including backing paper, since each label in your case is a "page".


                2) In Layout mode, choose Layouts > New Layout/Report...


                3) In the resulting dialog, choose the "Printer" option and then "Vertical Labels" since your labels are printed in Landscape orientation.


                4) In the "Specify Label Layout" dialog, choose the "Use custom measurements" option and specify the appropriate choices  based on your measurements of the labels. Note that in this case, the width and height of the label include a right margin and a bottom margin.


                Hope this helps --



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                  Thanks for the response.  As I mentioned, I was surprised when I received the invitation to the New User Group as this is definitely not my first project.  There are a lot of things I know I need to learn still, however!


                  I appreciate your help with the Dymo label printing layout.  If you want to move this conversation to the community at large, that would be fine with me.  I will give your suggestions a try.

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                    It didn't sound like this was your first solution :-)  I've moved this thread to the main Discussion area now.

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                      Hi Mark,


                      what is exactly the FileMaker Customer Success Program ?


                      I searched on the FileMaker web site, but couldn't find.




                      Gilles Plante

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                        Hi Gilles, since this thread isn't about the program, I'll message you separately about this -- but basically we are piloting a program to help new customers build their first solution. Cheers -- Mark

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                          sastickf wrote:

                            I was surprised the process was so detailed when I thought that the "New Layout > Labels" would work with simply specifying the custom measurements.  It obviously didn't work with me though.


                          Although FMP offers many label templates, once you go beyond the standard Avery 5160 you are in the land of trail, error, and frustration.  At least, that has been my experience.  The variables include the dimensions of the header, body, and footer, as well as the print margins.

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                            Don't forget padding.

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                              Benjamin Fehr

                              Then, in FileMaker Pro:

                              A) Set up the page for printing


                              1. Choose the File menu > Page Setup...


                              * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                              => choose Format for: Dymo

                              => under Paper format: , all supported paper sizes for this Demo model should appear

                              * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                              2. Create a custom Paper Size for the dimensions of your "page".

                              3. Choose Landscape orientation.

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                                Thank you all for the helpful pointers/suggestions... As I am pushing to release an upgrade & the Dymo label printing was my idea, so I may have to put it on the wish list for a future upgrade.  I will definitely be using your suggestions when I do implement it.

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                                  Benjamin Fehr

                                  well, well, giving up so soon?!

                                  It's a minor fault or misunderstanding you do somewhere. If you

                                  - do the Pagesetup properly by choosing the right Dymo paper an layout orientation

                                  - set Margins of the layout according to the printer description

                                  - set objects in the layout inside the page borders

                                  this should work.


                                  You might also test your Dymo with another application in order to check if the printing driver is OK.

                                  You can upload screenshots to get us a closer look at printer settings and print layouts

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                                    No, I wasn't giving up, I just have been struggling with scope creep on this project & I was going to add it as a bonus feature as I needed to figure out the functionality for one of my upcoming projects.


                                    Your last answer gave me the enlightenment I needed to get it done quickly & only waste 4 labels and little to no measuring.  I had missed doing the "Page Setup" properly.  THANK YOU!