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    Sliding simply won't work!


      Opening this one out to the community as I'm completely perplexed.


      I've done countless solutions in the past with sliding fields which have all worked fine.


      I've just started to work on a new report layout, and I cannot get sliding to work at all.


      Screenshots of the example layout parts with fields in, inspector shown, and resulting preview (with no sliding) shown in screen shots:


      Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 13.10.50.png


      Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 13.10.28.png


      Note the fields to the right and below simply refuse to slide - what the hell am I missing here?

      What I've tried:


      Setting the fields to slide up, based upon items directly above

      Resetting the above, and back

      Setting only one field per part, and then all fields in a part, to slide

      Ensured there are no other objects in the layouts (see above, with all objects on layout selected, and shown)

      Removed all formatting from fields

      Removed all padding from fields

      Recreated vanilla layout with new objects

      Tried setting sliding in Body part (where I know it should work) and SubSummary Part (where I wasn't sure)

      Tried in FMPA12 as well as FMPA13

      I've even tried this on a different machine!


      Please tell me I'm missing something obvious here...

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          And yes, I've already ensured that the text alignment in all fields is Left, and Top. Also tried other combinations.

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            If you can post a picture of the settings. Ok that stated make sure the shrink part box is checked and move up based on all onjects above is checked.


            I have had similar issues in the past. Try tweaking the position of the fields a pixel or two left or right then go to preview and take a look.

            Good luck


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              "Please tell me I'm missing something obvious here..."


              Okay. You're missing something obvious here.   


              Take a look at what the "sliding" portion of the Inspector says:




              It used to say, "Remove blank space within objects by". In your screen shot, you have large amounts of white space between the bottom of the field on the left and the top of the field on the right. That space will not be removed by sliding.


              To fix it, expand the field's height so the top of the field on the left aligns with the top of the field on the right. This will scoot the field below up when the field above collapses.





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                Top Man Mike, that's what I was missing. I'm sure it's worked in the past the way I was doing it, but I could be wrong.

                On a similar tangent, I;m right in thinking that sliding simply won't work with the text aligned to anything other than top and left, correct? It would be really nice to be able to align to centre, and then reduce the size of the field top and bottom, kind of like anchoring does in browse mode, so that on an invoice line item, the price could float in the middle, to the right of a description, but I don't think that's possible...

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                  Not sure you even need to use sliding.  Why not just make your parts smaller by taking out the white space.  Then place the fields where you want them.

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                    It seems to me that Title Header or Title parts do not reduce in size... can anyone confirm this? I've tried using both Filemaker Advanced v13 and 14.