Reflector - Capture your iPad and iPhone Video

Discussion created by disabled_jackrodgers on Mar 13, 2015
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Reflector is an inexpensive app, $15, that lets you capture on a Mac or PC screenshots and movies of your iPhone and iPad screens. It uses AirPlay and you'll need a Wi-Fi connection.


Its main design to is create screencasts of your iPad and iPhone for viewing on large monitors during meetings or presentations. It also has the ability to record video of what you do.


I combine Snaggit with Reflector to capture the iPad or iPhone frames plus my Pro screen. Here's a screen capture of the 3.


Reflector and Pro.png

I use WiFi and network off of Pro while I am developing. Maybe I'll find a computer an install my developers version of Server and use it someday.


Reflector can kick your presentations up a notch and add to your YouTube presence. Its for now the simplest if not the only method of capturing videos of your iPad.