Get(ModifiedField) doesn't work for new records

Discussion created by Fred(CH) on Mar 12, 2015
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Hi there,


All is in the title .


The Help article state :



Returns a list of fields that have been modified in the current record of the current table.



When the Invoices::Customer Name and Invoices::Company fields are modified and the record is open, Get(ModifiedFields) returns:

Customer Name



And all this is true but… only when the "current record of the the current table", that is "open" indeed, is not newly created ( OpenRecordState = 1 ). In the such case, this Get function returns an empty string.


Jeremiah Hammond posted a bug report to FMI few days ago. But the TS personal (i think in substitution for the product manager) deny that is abnormal and say that they will change the documentation rather the software ! Whats a deal !


I helped Jeramiah because i agreed 100% with him and i posted numerous comments; well, it was like a ping-pong tournament there … My principal arguments were :

  1. if a guy in the world would like the actual behavior, he could perfectly add a simple test before this function ( OpenRecordState = 2 ).
  2. the workaround i provided  -- validate first a blank record on a triggered script


All that prove (to me) that actual behavior doesn't make sense.


Even PhilModJunk, our Community Leader, supported us very clearly but… Silence radio from FMI.


So why I posted here ?


  • Maybe ones of you would like to help us, bring his support, and post on the link below.
  • Maybe there is here a person who have an explanation that commit the actual stubbornness of FMI.


Thank in advance for your help guys !


Friendly, Fred