Streaming movie from container field in WebDirect

Discussion created by apwin on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by mikebeargie

I have a problem with streaming movie content from a container field in WebDirect. The container field in question plays fine on the Desktop. It is stored as embedded (for the moment) and set for interactive content. It contains a 33Mb mp4 movie file.


As I say, everything works fine from Filemaker itself, but on the published web page the container field displays a static Quicktime icon.


This is what we see in Safari 8.0.3. In either Firefox or Chrome all we see is the name of the media file itself.


On the router we have port 16080 redirecting to port 80, and port 5003 to 5003, and Progressive Downloading is enabled on Filemaker Server. I don't know if we need anything else. Everything I have been able to find in Filemaker's documentation on WebDirect seems to indicate that it should work fine, and I've run out of resources in this area, so I'm appealing to this forum in the hope that someone else might have (a) experienced the same problem, and (b) managed to solve it.