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    Is it impossible to enter the @-sign in a Webviewer on Windows ?


      Hi at all,


      just wanted to call the MS Office online via a Webviewer from FileMaker 13v5. Of course I was prompted to sign in for my MS Office account. But I wasn´t able to fill in my email-address, because the at-sign @ wasn´t working. Don´t laugh - I am not able to get the @ sign via the keyboard.


      Tried it on other websites via the Webviewer (Windows 8.1), no luck.


      Tried it on Mac OS X 10.10 and FileMaker 13v5 and it works.


      Is this a known bug? Did I discover a bug? Or what is this? Is hitting the @ key not possible on Windows with FM and a webviewer ?


      By the way: I use German language QWERTZ keyboard layout.

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