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    URL to open database


      Hi, I often use shortcuts (windows) that simply access a URL to open a filemaker database. this is a handy way of deploying a shortcut to network users without creating a launcher script.

      This is just a luxury question at this stage but does anyone know if there is such a tool that will allow you to create such a shortcut with a custom image/icon?

      The only way I can do this manually is to deploy the icon to the computer (ico file) and manually change the shortcut icon, its a manual process for each machine and not worth the work for just having a custom icon.


      thanks in advance..

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          I think you can use VBS triggered from FileMaker (or on its own) to create the shortcut and attach the file. The biggest issue, as far as I remember, is the file has to be on a target computer unless you are happy with the stock files (e.g. c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll).


          I do not have Windows handy, will try tomorrow if someone does not come up with a better solution. BTW, how are you deploying your shortcuts now?


          I also saw something done with favicon and javascript, I think.

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            OK, try the file I uploaded. You can change urls to fmp format in the field and link to a different icon.


            This is for Windows only! MAC would use a different format, although the principle is the same.


            In short, the web shortcuts are text files. Their format and the extension varies, depending on a platform and the browser. You will need to launch you fmp url, get back to the browser and create the shortcut, open the shortcut with a text editor and copy/paste into the FileMaker field.

            IE shortcut could link to a web url, which is a bonus.

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              Thanks Nicolai, This done the trick, sorry for the delay in replying..

              problem solved!