Container not displaying image in FM Go 13

Discussion created by adriandc on Mar 16, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I have a database that works a little like a punch clock with the purpose to log when co-workers come in and leave an event. The co-worker table contains a photo that displays fine on the layout when I use a computer, but it doesn't show up when using FileMaker Go 13.


For security reasons I created three separate tables. This solution works a bit like a kiosk and I want to restrict access to only records for that specific co-worker.

Co-Worker table: Primary key: co-worker id, credential (unique number) and photo.

Selector table: Where co-workers type their credentials in a global field that is linked to the co-worker table.

Line Item table: Where the entries are registered.


The way it works at the moment, when someone types in their credentials a script locates the related record in the co-worker table and creates an entry in the line item table filling in the co-worker id as a foreign key. The Line Item table is related to the co-worker table via the foreign key. The line item entry layout has a photo that comes from the Co-worker table via this fk relationship.


The problem I'm having is that all of this works fine on the computer, but the photo doesn't show up when using an iPad (FileMaker Go 13).


Any ideas of why this is happening on the iPad?

Thanks in advance