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Linking two Seperate Databases

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by electon

Yesterday I posted a question relating to creating a script to close (stop hosting) a database via a client. Given the responses, I have rethought the need and would like to back up and present a more broad question.


I have two database files (1) is a master database and (1) is a inspection database. The master file is accessed via client intranet while the inspection is accessed via a remote in the field connection using a pro client.


The inspection db is purely a data entry system meant to limit the amount of data, tables and fields to improve remote connectivity. While accessing the data via the remote connection I have the file hosted on FM server 13. I have written scripts to look at what needs to be inspected for the week and push a copy of this weeks jobs into the inspection db. The inspector goes out and does his list and returns, then I have another script written to push the data back into the master db creating new inspections for those jobs.


The challenge is I have to kill the hosted connection in order to push and pull the data between databases then re-host when complete. Have I missed something in the way I am using these (2) database that make me stop the host for the transfer.


It would seem like to me the master db should be able to see the inspection db and pull the data hosted or not.


Any idea, suggestions?


Jason Farnsworth

Midland, TX