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Why are child records deleting even when no relationship in the TOG?

Question asked by nickg on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by CarstenLevin

Using FMProAdv13 I have been converting a spaghetti relationship graph into an anchor-buoy model for a database with 25 tables and 50 or more layouts. Although tedious, all is working properly now with one exception, which I cannot fathom.


I have a GPSReadings table that relates to an Observations table through a GPSUsage table that resolves the many to many relationship:

Observations >--- GPSUsage ---< GPSReadings


There is a 'delete through relationship' from Observations to GPSUsage but not from GPSUsage to GPSReadings.


I would expect that when I delete a selected Observations record, the related GPSUsage records would go but the GPSReadings records would not be deleted. However, when I delete the Observations record the GPSReadings records are removed as well.


Nowhere else in the relationship graph is there a layout that allows deletion of GPSReadings from GPSUsage.


I have built a test database replicating the relationships and that works as I would expect.


Can anyone suggest why this is happening or how I might investigate further?