Sorted portal with popover and changing related record

Discussion created by DamonCasey on Mar 18, 2015
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I've been using popovers extensively and have just used one for the first time with a sorted portal. The popover contains related fields from the portal's records. The user opens the popover for a portal row, changes the value of a field used in sorting the portal and then commits the record by clicking on the open popover. The popover remains visible and the related data displayed in the popover could potentially change to show a different record's data. The user decides to delete the related record using a 'Delete' button in the popover and they haven't noticed the data is displaying a different record they will delete the wrong record.


I've attached a demo file.


Open it and click on the date field in the second portal row. Change the date to the 15th March and then click the popover's background. You'll see the data change to show the record that is now sorted in row two.


I understand why FileMaker does this and this serves as a warning for novice developers to be careful using popovers.


I searched to see if other people have discussed this and I didn't find any threads for 'sorted portal popover'.


If you have used popovers in a similar manner, how have you dealt with this?


One method would be to capture the related ID, store it in a global and use the global in a relationship to the child table to display in a popover with a hidden popover button.