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Can the spec of a graphics card cause a file to hang?

Question asked by on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by siplus

We have a file (150MBs) with bar charts in a number of layouts.  It is a customer / sales recording DB.  On opening the file this leads to a splash page. This pauses to allow data to load.  Clicking start leads to the first layout which contains two bar charts.  The bar charts take data from accumulated sales.  (Our sales stretch back over many years.) We have a critical problem that when clicking 'Start', the file (whether run on hi spec Macs or hi spec PCs) will hang.  The file becomes unresponsive, requiring a Force Quit. I am told that this is because the file was developed on Macs with hi-end graphics cards. If the hanging is caused by the file being run on basic setup, hi spec machines, solid state/16GB ram, but without super spec graphics cards, I would have assumed that the file might be slow, and not hang Filemaker. Any views on this? My feeling is that the hang is caused by code not graphics card spec.