FileMaker dialing phone numbers

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Mar 19, 2015
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Does anyone have any success/recommendations for phone systems that work with FileMaker?  The application is for an address book database to have a button next to the phone number that the user clicks and their specific phone system extension dials the number for them. 


In one sense, it is somewhat silly that we can easily send an email out to an address in a database via many different email clients, but the telephone seems more difficult to implement.


I have seen the 24U plugin that works with specific PBX systems, but most modern-day phone systems seem to be more IP and cloud based, with little or no on-site PBX to send signals to anyway.


I have also seen an example of using FileMaker and Yosemite to dial a personal iPhone, but I specifically need something that works on an integrated office phone system with extensions, separate voice mail, forwarding, etc. etc. etc.


The customer is actively looking for a new phone system , so one that works with FileMaker would be an important factor.



Drew Tenenholz