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Easiest Way To Compare Two Portal Lists

Question asked by stanmcman on Mar 24, 2015
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I have the following TOs:

  • Trips
  • Miles Line Items
  • Fuel Line Items
  • States

Trips and States are joined by the Miles/Fuel Line Items. This is very similar in nature to Invoices > Line Items < Products, with the twist that I have 2 separate sets of line items. It works GREAT. But... here's my situation: This solution is designed to track the miles traveled in each state and the fuel purchased in each state. I need to ensure that the user doesn't enter fuel in a state for which he has no miles (usually done through clerical mistype).

I have 2 portals in Trips: one for Miles and one for Fuel.


What is the best way to check for this? Ideally it would be best if it could happen as fuel line items were added, since we enter all the miles first.