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Having problems with sliding on Sub-Summary Report

Question asked by user17152 on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by b.weaver

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to understand why one of my report views isn't properly sliding a field and resizing the part.  I'll admit that I'm not very good with FileMaker reports, so perhaps I'm missing something obvious?  But I cannot figure out why I'm getting the results that I am.


I have attached a few screen shots of two report variations.  The report is a summary of all Punch Items on a specific Project.  The default report is for Punch Items to be ungrouped and sorted by Due Date.  A second report view sub-summaries by Manufacturer.  It is a rows/columns style report.  The first line of the report includes things like Punch Topic, Due Date, Status, etc.  These fields will always have something in them and always be visible.  They are not set to slide.  Beneath this row of fields is the Punch Problem field.  It is rather large on the layout, in case a lengthy problem description was entered.  Often times there will be nothing in this field.  This field is set to slide up and resize the enclosing part.


The first screen shot shows the ungrouped Punch Summary Report.  The second shot shows this report in layout view with the problem field selected so that you can see my sliding settings.  Everything works as expected here.  The report looks good.





The third, fourth, and fifth shots show what happens when it is grouped by Manufacturer.  There is a HUGE blank space at the bottom of the first page (third screen shot) approximately the size of the Punch Problem field on the layout (fifth screen shot).  When viewing the second page of the report (fourth screen shot), the same huge blank space exists.  Furthermore, several of the sub-summaried Punch Items displayed on this second page would easily fit on the first page.


So why do these huge blank spaces exist on the report when the Punch Problem field is set to slide up and resize the enclosing part?  And why does the sliding behavior work on other lines of the report?  I've tried every variation of sliding settings, as well as allowing the part to break/not break across page boundaries.  Nothing changes the outcome.  I always have a huge blank space at the bottom of very page.









Thanks very much for any and all suggestions!