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    Formula - Proper (self)


      I seem to be having an issue with using the "Proper" formula.


      I have a field called "Prepared_by" which allows the user to enter their name.  I want to stop formatting issues of all cases or all lower cases etc.

      I've set up a calculated value on the Auto-Enter Tab with the following formula:


      Proper(TextFormatRemove ( Self ))


      I've removed the check box - Do not replace existing value of the field if (any)


      From what I understand - when the user enters their name the format will be correct to "Tony Smith" in stead of TONY SMITH


      However, when I test the field its not doing anything.?


      What have I missed?



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          Hey Ajayz,

             I tried out what you posted and it seemed to work fine for me.  I made a new text field, pasted in the formula you provided into an Auto-enter calc, deselected the 'replace field contents' option.  I then made a new layout, put the field as a simple edit field on the layout.  When I entered "fred flintstone" it auto-converted the entry to "Fred Flintstone".


          Is there something else in the calculation definition window, perhaps?  Could you post a picture of that, too?


          What about on the layout itself?  Are there script triggers on the field?  Is the correct field on the layout?  (Doesn't hurt to ask.  )  Are you viewing this through a portal?


          --  J

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            Thank I think if found the problem.


            I thought i was gong crazy!

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              So what did you find?


              I have to say thanks for mentioning the function, Proper().  I didn't know it existed before - I had to go look it up. 


              --  J

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                A couple of points on this one:


                1.     you shouldn't need the textformatremove part;  Just Proper ( self ) should work.

                2.     you will need to address the question of variations. Bill O'Neil will get cross if his name is constantly altered to Bill O'neil.

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                  TextFormatRemove ( ) may be needed if users are constantly pasting text in from other programs and you want to, say, remove the formatting.  

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                    Yes, we do have users who like to paste data into fields hence why I use extFormatRemove ( )


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                      Thanks, I'm not too worried about the O'Neil's etc  This database is just quickly captures Work Health and Safety KPI's from a limited number of contractors which is linked to my main database.


                      I just wanted to stop CAP TYPING etc


                      Thanks for your reply.