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FM Server vs Plugins

Question asked by mbeck65 on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by mbeck65

Hello everybody,

I have a problem about the use of plugins on FM Server that I hope someone can help me to solve.

I describe the environment and steps to try to explain what's happening:

. I developed and created a Plugin by using 360Works ScriptMaster 4 Advanced plugin.

. I registered it both a Windows and a MacOSX machines

. I tested it locally on the Windows machine and it works as good as well

. I tested it locally on the MacOSX machine and it works as good as well

. I put the plugin in the directory /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins of MacOSX on which I've installed FileMaker Server

. I restarted FMServer


Now, I performed some test to try to start my plugin on the FM Server but I wasn't able to do it...

Actually, I'm not sure about what's the right way to do it...

I mean, I have a script on which I call my plugin in by using something like the following:

Set Variable[$result; Value: My_Plugin(params)]

But the question is, has this statement to be inside a local (i.e. Execute Script) or a remote (i.e. Execute Script on Server) invocation?

Moreover and to complete, my final environment foresees that my application will be used through the Web Publishing in sense that there will be some clients that will use it with a web browser: can somene help me to understand what's the correct way to start my plugin (that, I repeat, works in standalone) on the FileMaker Server? I have the doubt that when I invoke my plugin actually it isn't reachable or usable but I can't understand why...


Thanks a lot for ideas and suggestions