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Showing the user that field content is being truncated?

Question asked by jgalt on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by krheinlander

I have a portal that contains a list of company names. Some of the name are very long and are being truncated. It's not clear to the user that the name is being truncated because there is no visual indication, such as a "..." on the end of it.


To resolve this issue I create a calculation field and pick the maximum number of characters that can be displayed.  If the content length is greater than truncate length I add a "..." to the end of the calculation.


This is not a very good solution for two reasons. It requires me to clutter my solution with bunch of calculation fields (sometimes multiple calculations for the same field depending on how many different portals it is being displayed in). Secondly,  since the characters have different widths sometimes a field is truncated before it really needs to be.


For example, these two companies are both 31 characters long:


"Mississippi Indigo Indian Tribe"

"The Research Center of New York"


If I truncated the field at 30 characters the word "Tribe" would unnecessarily get chopped off.


Does anyone have a better solution for dealing with this problem?


What we really need is an option in the inspector that allows us to turn on some sort of truncated data indicator to make it clear to the user what is going on. An option that works independently of font size or style.