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    Perform find script


      I need help with a perform find script that when user matches both user name and password filemaker will go to pacific layout. Below script goes to the lay out with only one match and I want both user and password to match exactly. Can any one help with this script.

      Thank you


      Set Erro Capture[On]

      Perform Find[ ]

      If [Gfet(FoundCount)=0]

        Show custom Dialog [“Message”; “No records watch this request. Try Again”]

        Enter Find Mode [ ]

      Else If [Get(FoundCount=1]

        Go to Layout [“Athletes Profile” (Athletes)]

      End If

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          Rather than correct your script, it might help if you explain exactly what you are trying to do.


          What is the user name? Is that a login account name or one that you create on your own.

          What is the password. There's not FileMaker function for revealing the password so you must again be creating a password somewhere.

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            I have created password and account name through add account script.

            Crate account.tiff

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              Hi Woo,


              Playing with this a bit I take it to mean

              * you have a table of usernames and passwords.

              * You want to accept the user entry for username and password, look that up in the table, and if found allow access to another pat of the database.

              * This works for you now *If* the user enters username and password correctly.

              * It, however fails (grants un-approved access) if the user provides only user name *or* password.

              * This is because the find for username without password returns 1 (instead of zero) username/password records.

              * The fundamental solution is to include "==" (no quotes) in front of the user input for both username and password fields.

              * Your current solution would also fail if the user just entered the first few characters of the username or password


              I have a sample (incomplete in terms of full security, but enough to point the way) example I uploaded here:



              I use global fields for user entry of username/password, then copy "==" & globals into the search fields


              Best of luck,