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    Field height for iPhone 6


      I'm creating a desktop solution which has iPad and iPhone 6 components.  For the desktop I'm using Enlighten theme.  For the iPad I'm using Enlightened Touch.  This touch theme has a field height of 44pt, which looks fine for the iPad but it seems like it would be too tall for the iPhone 6 (portrait view).


      I have a smart phone (Android) but I must admit I don't do much with it beyond phone, text, and checking email.


      What is the optimal height for iPhone 6 portrait view?  I did check iOS design guides but couldn't find a point size for font fields.



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          Benjamin Fehr

          I'm focused on iPhone 4 and 5 currently and I use a 640 x 960pt. format. Keep on mind that we have to deal with retina displays though resolution for icons and graphics is very important.

          Tests with iPhone 6 AND iPhone 6 plus will take place in a week and I'm expecting some unpleasant surprises.

          I spent special attention on the anchors of the objects.

          I have objects and elements in the footer area which are anchored to bottom, some horizontal Elements are anchored left AND right. This is aimed to serve different display resolutions. At least I can use same GUI for iPhone 4, 5 AND iPad.

          There's still a lot of experience to gain on how to use anchors to get kind of dynamic layouts for same layouts for different devices.

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            Thanks.  That is all good information.  However, what I'm after is the font size and field size for iPhone 6.  In the Enlighten Touch theme the font size is 16 pt and the field height is 44 pt.  I think this works fine for the iPad but it takes up a lot of space on the iPhone.  I'd like to make the field size smaller in order to optimize screen real estate, but I don't have an iPhone 6 for testing.


            When in doubt (which I am) I'll just leave it as is, though I am curious what other developers have done for field height and font size for iPhone 6.