Multiple Files and Logins

Discussion created by electon on Mar 28, 2015
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I have a situation as follows:

Two files. One for front end, one for admin panel. Admin panel file has access to front end configured as External Data Source with own tables and two TO's from the front end file.

In both files the Full Access accounts are the same, however only a full access account is configured in the admin panel.

Now, a script is run from front end ( logged in as a user without full access / limited priviledges ) to open the admin panel, filemaker asks for login credentials on the admin panel file.

Even if I script the process as: Open File "Admin Panel" >> Close File ( CurrentFile "Front End" ), the front end still remains open as hidden window with old credentials. When I select that window from the menu, the file reopens with the account that was previously logged in.


This breaks the PsOS script that is run within the admin panel telling me:

Your access privileges do now allow you to add or modify records in the target table. It fails at the point when import records is performed into the front end's TO in the admin panel.

All scripts are configured to run with full access privileges.