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    FileMaker server 13 and PHP, Site Assistant


      Hello Everyone,


      Getting ready to dive into PHP and CWP.  Been using LassoSoft for many years and currently considering replacing that code with PHP. 

      1) Is the PHP site assistant still available and does it work with FM13? 

      2.) What PHP resources / samples did you find useful?


      My current setup is one machine hosting the FMS/WPE. 

      My second machine is the development machine using Apache and hosting my website.


      Thank you in advance !!!

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          I believe the PHP site assistant only works with FM12. For some reason FM moved away from making general setup easy to understand.


          None of the FM resources I have read were useful. I read all of them. I am not a PHP expert, but I a not completely useless either. I am hoping the CWP sessions at Devcon will help actually explain everything.

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            Hello, Alejandro.


            When I was first starting out, I found the resources from http://www.fmwebschool.com to be useful. They've published a couple of books on the subject:


            Fmwebschool: FileMaker FX.php Web Development and Resources

            Fmwebschool: FileMaker FX.php Web Development and Resources


            Caution: These are good, basic resources, but they do leave out important details, and the methods are somewhat dated. Once you have the basics down, look elsewhere for how to secure the website, updated methods, etc.


            Formulations Pro (Todd Duell) has also published a good guide to PHP web publishing with FileMaker:




            bigtom is right; the PHP Site Assistant is deprecated. Personally, I never really thought it was all that useful; it was too much of a "black box" and was awfully hard to customize. My general advice to folks who are starting out in web publishing is to learn about web programming first - HTML, CSS - and worry about the FileMaker stuff after that. It sounds as though you already have some experience with web site coding, though, and may be in a position to do that.





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              The PHP site assistant was last working in FM11 I think.


              Filemaker still has the FilemakerPHP api.  It is in the extras folder and has several sample files.


              You can also have a look at FMEasyWeb.com, by Tim Dietrich a new product he is launching tomorrow.  He has created several open source solutions.  FMWebFrame | An Extension to the FileMaker API for PHP is the previous implementation which extends the Filemaker PHP api.

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                rrrichie - Thank you for mentioning FMEasyWeb and FMWebFrame.


                Alejandro -


                FMEasyWeb will help you create browser-based FileMaker solutions without needing to write code. It is PHP-based and uses the FileMaker API for PHP. However, unlike the older PHP Site Assistant, EasyWeb is dynamic. It is ideal for public-facing Web applications. For example, it makes setting up a Web-based form that saves data to a FileMaker database. Another example is publishing data that's already in a FileMaker database, such as a member directory, a product catalog or price list, etc. It will be provided via an open source license. We're previewing FMEasyWeb this Wednesday. Details can be found here: http://fmeasyweb.com


                FMWebFrame is an extension to FileMaker's API for PHP, and is designed to make is easier to develop advanced CWP solutions. FMWebFrame provides functions for: querying a FileMaker database using SQL; using FileMaker's Quick Find function; publishing the contents of container fields; uploading files into container fields; support for caching; and a library of FileMaker-to-PHP translation functions. (The library is helpful if you're new to PHP and want to leverage your knowledge of FileMaker. For example, it includes a "fmPosition" PHP function that is very much like FileMaker's "Position" function.) FMWebFrame is also provided via an open source license, and is available here: http://fmwebframe.com


                Have fun with PHP and CWP!


                -- Tim

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                  Thank you all.  It seems like the learning curve is a little steep, so I'm going to take my time and explore all the options carefully.  In the meantime I will continue to use Lasso 8.6 and might even upgrade to 9.  Here is some info regarding Lasso and PHP:





                  The FMWebFrame sound's like what Lasso use to have back in the day called LassoStudio, which created dynamic form pages using DreamWeaver and a Lasso extension.  


                  Thank you Tim for providing FMWebFrame and it's FREE !!!!!!