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FMP13, Windows 8.1 web viewer problem

Question asked by justinc on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by justinc

We have a web viewer that is used to show comments about an object, and allows entry of new comments.  This works great in OS X, with both FM 12 and FM 13.  We are now getting reports from a few people who are using Windows 8.1 that they can see the comments, but they can't add new ones.


I can't say for certain if this worked OK in FM 12 on Windows or not; I don't recall that we specifically did any testing on Windows when we first built this feature (which was about 1.5 years ago), but haven't had any complaints until recently.  We did just make the switch to 13 about 1 month ago; the pool of Windows users is very small at this company (2 people).


As mentioned, these 2 folks are on Windows 8.1.  I don't have a platform with that available, but I do have a server with Windows Server 2012 (with IE 10) and one with Windows Server 2012 R2 (with IE 11).  The 2012/IE10 machine does exhibit the problem with the web viewer when using the FMP 13.04 client.  The 2012r2/IE11 machine does NOT exhibit the problem when using the FMP 13.04 client.  If I recreate the web viewer as a standalone HTML page, it loads up OK on both servers, IE 10 or IE 11.  On both machines the JavaScript with correctly attempt to connect back to the host database when the proper events trigger.


The web viewer has a div at the top for entering the text of the new comment, and there is JavaScript associated with to make the actual submission when they click out (it's attached to the 'onblur' event).


The web viewer itself is defined using all local fields, including the JQuery library.  We don't fetch anything from a remote CDN.

So...anyone have ideas?  It works fine in the standalone IE browser, but fails when viewed in the FMPro client web viewer.


--  Justin