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PSoS results

Question asked by siplus on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I need to create a new record in a database and get its uuid without disturbing what's on the screen.


1) PSOS Method


script: PSOS_NewAppointment


Go to Layout [“AppointmentData” (AppointmentData)]

New Record/Request

Exit Script [Result: AppointmentData::UUID]


Called with


  Perform Script on Server [Wait for completion; “PSOS_NewAppointment”]

  Set Field [Agenda::gPopOver_UUIDKey; Get ( ScriptResult )]



2)  New window method:


New Window [Name: "AppCreation"; Height: 100; Width: 100; Top: -1000; Left: -1000; Style: Document]

Go to Layout [“AppointmentData” (AppointmentData)]

New Record/Request

Set Field [Agenda::gPopOver_UUIDKey; AppointmentData::UUID]

Close Window [Name: "AppCreation"]


3) Results:


Method 1: 405 ms

Method 2: 172 ms



Method 1 without wait for completion: 3 ms, but you don't get the UUID back ...

It seems that the performance of sending back the result of a PSoS script could be improved.


Suggestions ?