Per window different portal key on the same layout ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Mar 31, 2015
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Here's a window 1 displaying layout L based on table A. There's a portal to Table B. It displays records 232.


Now I open a new window, window 2, so I'm still on record 232 of table A. At this point window 1 or 2 are identical.


1) However, I want the portal to Table B to be different than on window 1 even Table A is still on record 232


2) Moreover, I want this to work in a networked environment where another user could also have it's own Portal B content, even though he's also on record 232.


So the key of the portal to table B, can't be a Global field because 1) would make it display the same thing on Window 1 and 2,and it can't be a normal field because of 2).


I tried to use the window name as a way to disntinguish window, but then the unstored calc can't be evaluated differently on record 232 when there's 2  window opened. So I'm stuck.


Why would I want to do this ?

Think as my record 232 being a car, and B a filtered (via the infamous key) portal to all it's 20 000 parts.


I'd like to be able to able to display all the engine parts on window 1(hence a subset of B), and all the dashboard parts on window 2, and maybe all the inside equipement on window 3, and whaterver on w 4, w 5 etc.


and of course I need to be able to  view / interact with the 232 record, and its' other portals. And I don't want to open other windows just

displaying the portal content (cause it will be a mess).


Unfortunately i think that's impossible.