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ExecuteSQL syntax

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by user19752

I have the following ExecuteSQL command I am trying to use but seem to having a syntax error as it is not calculating.


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM (list_tot_sc)

                        FROM CTR_JOB

                        ORDER BY Date_Start DESC

                        FETCH FIRST 100 ROWS ONLY

                        WHERE zwf_CTRID = ? " ; "..." ; "" ; $CTRID   )


SELECT SUM (list_tot_sc) is ~160 records

FROM CTR_JOB is the location

ORDER BY Date_Start is the sort field DESC I would like a descending sort order

FETCH FIRST 100 ROWS ONLY I would only like to see the last 100 records

WHERE zwf_CTRID = ? " ; "..." ; "" ; $CTRID only for this contractor


The reason for the filtered view is that I was running the below script and it was functioning just fine. That said we added new Jobs to this contractor this week and the calculation is generating "?" now. Is there a threshold as to the number of records ExecuteSQL will consider? The below script is performing just fine on other contractors that have few jobs.


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM (list_tot_sc)

                        FROM CTR_JOB

                        WHERE zwf_CTRID = ? " ; "..." ; "" ; $CTRID   )


Any thoughts or insight will be greatly appreciated,


Jason Farnsworth