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AWS EC2 and FileMaker Server....a scalable solution?

Question asked by csavva on Apr 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by BarbaraCooney

Hi all,


it was previously discussed whether you could install and run normally FMS on an EC2 instance and I can confirm that it is working just fine.


Now the problem for me is scalability. Amazon advertises that it has a sophisticated scaling of its instances and you can run multiple instances in a group say start of with 10micro instances, scale up to 50, then scale down to 30, etc.


That is all good in theory but how on Earth do you do that with FMS? A new instance is a new instance with a new Windows VM, new IP....the works. But what I want and what anyone understands from the Amazon ad is that basically you have computer X and then you computer Bigger X which makes perfect sense.


The reason why I am asking is simple. Any one FM client who has a small business 5,10,15 users and perhaps growing would love to have this scalability both in terms of cost and general common sense. Also any small business is quite likely to be working well 8 hours a day....9 if you count lunch break....let's say 12 including management. So there is a lot of unused CPU for 12hours a day plus 48 hours in the weekends where AWS can happily scale it down for you.


So how does one do this? Any experiences?