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"All of a sudden" scripting error 3

Question asked by wfgclapp on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2015 by gdurniak

I have a script that runs on a schedule on my FM Server 13. Runs every night and has been in place for at least a couple weeks now with no problem. Starting today, the script won't run, resulting in error (3). The script is very simple, see screenshot below. All of these steps are compatible with running on server. I've also rebooted the server for good measure.


I did do a lot of work on the Order Edits table and layout yesterday. So I'm guessing I've changed SOMETHING. But I can't guess what.


All I can find about this error suggests that there's a problem with it being run on the server. And in fact, if I run the script in FM Pro, I see no errors.


And...when it runs on server, even though I get an error, the script DOES delete all records in that table.


Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!