Please Fix: The Scrolling Text Fields

Discussion created by disabled_jackrodgers on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by siplus

A scrolling text field that is not editable and does not have to be entered to activate the scroll bars.


In order to scroll a text field, even with the scroll bars attached, the field MUST be editable. Bad idea, really.


To prevent editing a scrolling field, we must use a global. That must be editable to scroll. Bad Idea, really. Users create tons of data in this field and then wonder why it isn't saved.


So, after almost 30 years, FileMaker has still not given us a scrolling text field that is not editable although I could do this back then in other database apps.


An example in Go of how this can be done nicely is Apple's Notes. For Instance, Add a lot of data to one of the notes. Then notice how you can swipe up and down with out inserting a cursor. Tap to insert the cursor.That's what I want and so do many others.


FileMaker Go, on the other hand,  is an example of a bad user interface when it comes to scrolling text fields.


The same data in a FileMaker Go text field won't scroll with a swipe. The user must tap to insert the cursor. Then the keyboard pops up. Now the user must close the keyboard to scroll the field which remains editable and this can cause problems.


This is annoying and can be fixed. I suggest that all FileMaker management personel be required to use FileMaker Go and experience what the users experience. If management had to use it for their daily work, they would insist on the changes we all want.