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    Tiny Signatures on iOS


      One of my clients is capturing signatures on documents on their iPads. Recently some of the signatures came in at about a quarter the size of a normal signature. When they clicked back into the container field and replaced the original, the new signature would sometimes be the right size—sometimes not.


      What is causing this, and how can I fix it?

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          Need more information.  What version of FM, FMGo, iOS and iPad model?   Is the container being tapped to insert the signature or are you using insert from device?  If you are using insert from device, what is the resolution setting? You may have to set  the resolution to large. 

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            Same iPads?  Or are some retina and others not?

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              I guess I didn't make it clear that the same person on the same iPad taps into the same field, and within minutes of each attempt, they get a different result: one time the signature is the correct size, and the next time it might be tiny. They tap into the container field and the Import dialog appears. They choose Signature. The Sign Here screen appears with the Cancel Clear and Accept buttons. There is no place for them to change the resolution, and the resolution of the field the way I set it up doesn't change.


              I don't think it matters with version of Go, iOS, or Pad we're talking about. It's doing this with the same person on the same iPad.


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                Same iPad, same user, same field, all within a few seconds of each attempt. In other words, they click in, sign, and click Accept. It looks too small so they do it again, only this time it comes out the right size. Too weird, no?


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                  Yes all the different version can matter.  There are difference in the version of FM.  13 added new commands for FMGo  that are not available in 12.  There are compatibility issue with different version of GO and iOS.     I haven't had this issue nor have I seen anyone else report a similar issue.  The information is important so that the issue can be tested.    Script triggers running scripts could cause an issue.  

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                    Got it!


                    The user wrote their name and then touched the screen just below the "Accept" button, which left a tiny dot as part of signature. When that move didn't accept the signature, they touched the Accept button for real. When the dialog disappeared, their signature appeared much smaller than expected.


                    (Thanks to John Couretas for guessing the cause.)