Reports, and find functionality, fixing broken work

Discussion created by codeslave on Apr 4, 2015
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We have a report designed and coded by a  consultant, it displays the payments to staff.

The way it works:

FM goes into find mode and it  finds on several fields. any one of which can be populated....

1. Staff ID

2. First name

3. Family name

points for anyone  who spots the immediate problem (staff ID's are unique.... first/family names are not......)

if you enter only the staff Id the system works perfectly

The bug :

If It searches for  2 or 3, then points the displayed  to the first record it finds(well it looks  correct on the screen was the reasoning....),

now obviously in the summery calcs they are looking at the FULL selection as is the  rest of the report functionality.

In reality

any  pointers on where I can add functionality to  force the summary/ calculations to use the Staff ID as a filter...