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    Need script help


      I think I'm in over my head here.  I'm attempting to update a contributors database for the noncommercial radio station I used to manage. I have things set up so that there is a Donors list that maintains the list of donors over the years.  During each years pledge drive, you can create a new record by going to the dropdown menu and selecting the donor from the list.  The problem is that the list has gotten rather long and cumbersome. I have, without success attempting to create a short cut allowing database operators to skip to a shortened version that will allow them to more quickly enter names from the dropdown list.  I've been attempting to use script parameters but am unable to get them to show up in just a segment of the drop down list.  I'm including two screen shots that explain some of what I'm facing.


      Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.




      Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.50.41 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.51.50 PM.png

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          Don't use the drop down. You get to a point where the performance drops off and the usability suffers.


          Consider using a portal. You've got options for filtering to select names. If you're using FM13 you could hide the portal in a popover in order to keep the ui clean. Put a button on the potal row that grabs the primary key in order to load the appropriate record.

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            Try this on your  donor list view. 


            • Add a Global field to your Donor table. 
            • Put in the header of the list view. 
            • Give it an Object name.
            • Set the First and last name fields to be included in the quick search
            • create the following script


            Perform Quick Find[Donortable::SEARCH]  // SEARCH is your new global field

            Go to Object [ Object name: "Searchfield"]

            exit Script [ Result False]


            As the user types,  the system will do a search,  each character should reduce the found set, until they see the record they are looking for or determine that it doesn't exist.


            Then add a button that will take the selected Donor record and go to the detail screen so they can add the next donation.

            If the donor doesn't exist create a new record then create the donation record.



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              Options (by no means comprehensive):

              1. Build a picker popover that facilitates search on the list values.

              2. A scripted process that takes the user to a list view layout of the donors for selection.


              You could even leverage this technique or others for type ahead functionallity...

              Script Triggers: Filter as You Type : SFR FileMaker Blog

              Its old (2009) but effective.