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    Scripted Find on iOS


      We have a solution that uses a button to 'Enter Find Mode' on an iOS device.  iPad then rotates the window for the Find action. After entering any criteria and touching"Go" nothing happens.  It remains in Find mode.  Have I missed something?

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          If your script is as simple as...


               Enter Find Mode [ ]


          Then tapping "Go" should work. 


          Where it might not appear to work is if you have a "Pause" thrown in there as part of Enter Find Mode step.  In that case, you may find that you need to tap "Go" once to get past the pause and then tap "Go" again to actual perform the find.


          If your script is a more elaborate, then it might help to see what the syntax of your script is.


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks Steve


            I do not even have a script - it is simple a button that links to Enter Find Mode [  ] and it does not work.  I can tap "Go" 10 times and nada!  Hence why I am somewhat baffled.

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              So, if I understand correctly, you are in Find Mode when you hit the Go button? If so, change the Go button to do Perform Find

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                Go is a key on the iOS keyboard, not a button.  As far as I know you can not link a script to a key on the iOS keyboard.

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                  What you are trying to do should work.  Can you give a little detail on what you mean by "iPad then rotates the window for the Find action"?  Are you running another script after entering Find Mode?  One thing to try is to run a script from the button instead of a script step.  Also restart the iPad to see if that makes a difference.

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                    Show the toolbar. Use the tool bar option for Find or Quick Find. Then select the option to do the find. Bottom right hand corder of the toolbar.


                    Its easier on the user to create a properly scripted find and I put on the top of the layout these buttons that you user can tap after entering the find mode:


                    Cancel   Perform Find


                    Even more to the point I use globals for a find and script the entire sequence for better control.

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                      There is no script - just a button that does:


                      Enter Find Mode [  ]


                      When the button is pressed, the iPad literally rotates the working screen on the vertical axis and presents the working screen that is characteristic of a Find - all fields are blank and have a little ? mark icon.  The iPad keyboard is also presented.  You can step through the fields and enter selection criteria.  So it looks and feel like a Find.  On hitting "Go" on the iPad keyboard nothing happens whatsoever.  Hit is 5 times and the same.  There are no other scripts or triggers running.


                      I cannot expose the toolbar as our solution is completely controlled through buttons and scripts only.

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                        Here are few random thoughts on things to check

                        Can you replicate this problem on multiple iPads? 

                        Are you using the latest version of FileMaker Go?

                        If you temporarily enable the toolbar, does the find work if you select it from the popup menu?

                        If the problem does not happen on other iPads, you might try reinstalling FileMaker Go to see if that solves the problem.  Unfortunately it appears that the FileMaker Go app sometimes gets corrupted and needs a reinstall to work properly.

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                          I have no problem on my iPad if I show the toolbar and then the search button and select Enter Find Mode. So, the assumption is that you have something in your script or a layout trigger that is causing the problem. Everything happens as you describe and the Go button works.


                          Do you have Full Access privileges to the database or is it locked down by a developer?

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                            When you go from browse to find in IOS the screeen rotates around its vertical access. If you don't use IOS you may not be aware of that.


                            The problem is within the script that starts the find. Or a trigger on the layout.


                            Heck, Enter Find Mode might be in a loop like this:



                              Enter Find Mode

                            End loop


                            Or using one of the event triggers:


                            ...Trigger: Enter Find Mode


                            Tabbing out of the field returns to find mode...:)

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                              I think I know what the problem is, at least that is what I thought when I woke up this morning thinking "AHA!"


                              FileMaker has a nasty default in EnterFind Mode for "PAUSE". I hate this.


                              If Pause is checked, then the Continue button appears in Pro but not in Go.


                              I experienced the same as you when the Pause option is check but after taping twice, the find Go'ed...


                              Locate the Enter Find Mode step in your script, select it and uncheck the Pause option. Now your Go button will Go...


                              Will this affect the rest of your script, if there is any?

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                                I initially thought the same thing but in this case a script is not being attached to button.  A script step is being attached to a button.  If you just attach a script step to a button, the Pause is not an option.  It is only available when the script step is in a script. Along this way of thinking I would recommend creating a script and attaching it to the button instead of just a script step to see if that solves the problem.  I find a majority of the time when I attach a script step to a button I regret it later because I usually end up wanting to expand what I want the button to accomplish.

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                                  Next recommendation:


                                  Delete that button and create a new one. I cannot duplicate your result with a new button connected to the script step.


                                  Most likely you have a corrupted button. It happens.

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                                    Is the orientation change intentional or unintentional? If intentional, how is it being accomplished?

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