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Another twist on finding duplicates

Question asked by marshdom on Apr 9, 2015
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Hi, I'm a novice user trying to do something a bit above my skill level. I have a database and I want to find and flag (or create a new table containing) one unique example from many similar records, based on the content of 3 or 4 fields.


The data is a monthly airline schedule. Each flight has a number. At the moment the unique identifier is a Timestamp field, but the same event happens again and again throughout the month, sometimes with differing start times. It is these different 'variants' of each flight number which I need to identify and work on as a subset.

Flagged records.png

This screenshot shows what I'm trying to achieve. The Flt_Num records where I've coloured fields are 'unique'. Although flight 221 happens many times in the month there are 2 unique variants of it based on comparing the 'CI_Loc_Time' and 'CO_Loc_Time' fields.


Likewise flight 229 takes place on most days but there are 2 variants of this also, when comparing 'Route', 'CI_Loc_Time', 'CO_Loc_Time' and 'Block'.


I need a dataset or table containing just these unique Flight Number variations (around 3000 records, usally about 120 unique flight variations).


Any help in how to approach this task would be really appreciated!